“Adorable Moses basket! Very elegant fabrics and clever use of reversible covers so that other side can be used for both genders for example for the next child, and the blanket made with bamboo cotton is soooooo soft… We use it mainly for the night, but if we use it during the day, we put it by a window in a different room, so that our little one gets used to day versus night."



“Zoe just loved her Moses basket, but I think I loved it even more! Definitely the most stylist first bed we have seen on the market, it was without doubt the centrepiece of her bedroom. Loved the reversible cover, and the fact that we could use it anywhere.” - Amanda

Ruby Iris

ruby iris

"I slept with the Moses basket beside my bed as it was just easier to feed during the night. However I must admit the real bonus of the Bebelicious Moses basket was that she looked absolutely beautiful in it in all my photos, of which there are many!"

Aisha Bella

"I love my Moses basket. I didn't realise until I had Aisha just how much time she would be sleeping in places other than her nursery. I found the basket a blessing when it came to visiting Grandma's place for some 'Me' time. I would recommend them to all first time mums who need to escape the house!"

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